Vilmill Black BZ 5790 - Mill Through Mat

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100cm wide Vilmill Black BZ 5790 (meter goods) Mill Through Mat, Vacuum Table Protection Mat.
Milling, Drilling and Cutting Underlay Mat, Milling Mat to protect the vacuum table hole plate.
Vilmill™ Black BZ 5790 of the manufacturer Freudenberg, a Protection Mat for vacuum tables,
for cut-outs on a vacuum clamping table.

Vilmill™ is a specially coated Mill Through Mat.
With this mat, very small parts can be cut out - without slipping.

The surface of the mat is coated with an adhesive layer.
This adhesive layer is activated during the milling process,
and glued the pieces together with the mat.
The work pieces to stick to the Vilmill™ mat, only on the cutting edges,
and can be easily pulled off the mat.

This mat is suitable for almost all materials.(Wood, metals, plastics, laminates).

For the Vilmill™ mat a vacuum table is necessary.

A Vilmill™ Mill through mat replacement Protection Mat for vacuum tables.
Milling mat, milling, drilling and cutting underlay mat, underpacking mat to protect the vacuum chuck plates.

The milling cutter, drill or knife does not penetrate into the vacuum table-board,
but in the mat which is much cheaper and easier to replace.