1 Channel 12V Relay Module Expansion Board for Arduino

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● This module conform international safety standard, the isolation groove between control areas and load area
● With optical coupling isolation, triggering more reliable, more stable
● The double FR-4 circuit board design
● It has power and relay operation instructions.The LED will be lit when relay on
● Signal input with a high level signal, the common pin and the normally opened pin will connected
● Relay can directly control all kinds of equipment and load
● One normally open pin and a normally closed pin
● Blue KF301 terminal is more convenient
Module Size
53mm x 18mm x 18.5mm
Module interface
Input Part
 Connect to power positive (according to the relay voltage range)
 Connect to power negative
 Relay module trigger pin (high level trigger)
Output Part
Normally Opened
 Normally open pin of relay. NO pin cant not be connected to COM pin whenrelay off.
 NO pin can be connected to COM pin when relay on
 Common pin (COM)   Common pin of the relay
Normally closed (NC)  Normally close pin of relay.NC pin is connect to COM pin when relay off.NC pin is not connect to COM pin when relay on
 Onboard  12V, 10A/250VAC, 10A 30VDC relay