Scan n Cut CM700

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 11-0004

Βάρος: 5.600 Kg

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Scan n Cut CM700

See it - Scan it - Cut it - Create it!
Welcome to a whole new world of innovation. Scan any image or sketch, then precisely cut the shapes or outlines – without design cartridges or a PC.

• 300 dpi built-in scanner
• 631 built-in designs including 100 quilt patterns
• 7 fonts
• Scan your design and save it as a cut or draw file
• Optional pen draw
• Bright, large color LCD touch screen display
• 11.7" (297 mm) width cutting area
 New Wireless Lan
 New 24" Scanning feature
Included in the CM700 box:
Power cable & adaptor
Accessory pouch
Touch pen
Standard Cut Blade & holder
Middle Tack Mat
CD containing:
- Basic quilting guide
- Pattern list
- Basic quilting guide

Scan n Cut Low Mid High
CM300 CM700 CM900
 Wireless LAN NO Yes Yes
 Wireless Connection via Tablet NO Yes Yes
 4.8 Inch Large LCD NO NO Yes
 24 Inch Scan Function NO Yes Yes
 Object Readable Capacity Up to 300 pcs Up to 300 pcs Up to 500 pcs
 Total Built-in Designs 601 631 1.002
 Built-in Fonts 5 7 15
 Scanning Colour Recognition Yes (Dec.2015) Yes Yes
 Read SVG File Yes (Dec.2015) Yes Yes
 Brother PES Embroidery Data Capability NO NO Yes (Ver.1.30)
 Direct Connection via USB Cable Yes Yes Yes
 Low Tack Mat No No No
 Middle Tack Mat Yes(1 pce) Yes(1 pce) Yes(1 pce)
 Standard Tack Mat No No Yes(1 pce)
 Standard Cut Blade Yes(1 pce) Yes(1 pce) Yes(1 pce)
 Standard Cut Blade Holder Yes Yes Yes
 Deep Cut Blade No No No
 Deep Cut Blade Holder No No No
 High Tack Fabric Support Sheet No No Yes(2 pcs)
 Iron-On Fabric Contact Sheet No No Yes(2 pcs)
 6 Colour Pen Set No No Yes(6 pcs)
 2 Erasable Pen Set No No Yes(2 pcs)
 Pen Holder No No Yes
 Accessory compartment Touch Pen & Spatula Holder No No Yes
 USB Cable No No No
 Carton Box Type Color Color Color
 Instruction Manual CD CD CD
 Quick Reference Guide Paper Paper Paper
 Pattern List CD CD CD
Scan n Cut CM700

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