0-5V/0-10V to 0-100% Analog Input Voltage to PWM Signal Converter

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  • PWM signal can be positive phase output or inverted output 2 to 1
  • PWM signal can be selected with 5V level output and OC output two kinds, 5V level signal support common cathode connection and common anode connection, OC output, you can add pull-up resistor to 3,3V,5V,12V,24V power supply. Composition corresponding to the level of the signal output, use common anode connection, received the MCU and so on.
  • PWM frequency is adjustable, 2-20KHZ variable, potentiometers have 11 letter, corresponding 0,2KHZ, 4KHZ, 6KHZ, 8KHZ maximum 20KHZ.
  • Module input power 7-30V. More than 200MA current can be.
  • The reserve has an external potentiometer interface. Direct access to the potentiometer to set PWM output.
1)For PWM motor speed interface circuitry.
2)AD interface converter for instrumentation.