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The 3d-Sensor is made to gauge surfaces. If the probe tip is touched from the bottom or from the sides, it gives a switch signal. The 3D-Sensor has, without touching the probe tip, electric continuity at both connecting wires (1). As soon as it switches, the contact is opened. The probe tip (2) is fixed by the integrated collet (3) and the coupling ring. Probe tips with a diameter of 2.0 mm can be clamped. On the top side there is a clamping pivot with a diameter of 8.0 mm (4).
It can be fixed directly in a collet chuck of milling spindle. With the aid of the grub screw (5) in the clamping pivot, you can set the elastic force of the 3D-Sensor.
Screw in = The elastic force increases.
Screw out = The elastic force decreases.
Technical data:
Ø 44mm
length: 53 (exl. probe tip)
Probe tip
Ø 2mm
length: 45 with temp. steel ball
Fixation plug
Ø 8mm
length: 15mm
Αnodized Aluminum 7075
Switch contact
Opener, all contacts gold-plated
Sensing power
From 0.5N - 2.N (adjustable)
Repeat accuracy