4 Axis CNC Wireless Manual Pendant Remote Control for Mach3 WHB04B-4

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  • Adopt frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-interference ability
  • Using 433MHz, ISM wireless FR transmission technology, transmit power 10DB, receive sensitivity -98DB.
  • With 32 frequency hopping channels, each channel interval 1MHZ.
  • Intelligent wireless technology, automatic frequency hopping, automatic power saving, automatic to learn ID code .
  • Frequency hopping transmission technology, the same room, can support 32 sets of equipment at the same time, do not affect each other
  • LCD display.
  • Display Y Z A X axis of the mechanical coordinates and workpiece coordinates.
  • Show the spindle speed, the value of the feed rate.
  • Dot matrix LCD with backlight.
  • Axis selection, power band switch control.
  • Axis select band switch to achieve the electronic hand wheel off and the corresponding Y Z A X each axis function of the choice of control.
  • The choice of the step distance value is realized by selecting the switching value band, which is simple and convenient.

Type: 4 Axis
Application: For Windows: All Mach3 CNC
Communication Channel: ISM, 433MHZ
Power Supply: Built-in 2pcs AA alkaline batteries
Wireless transmission range: 40 meters without obstacle
Encoder: 100PPR
Button: 13
Transmit Power: 10DB
Acceptance Sensitivity: -98DB
Display Screen: dot matrix LCD backlight display screen
Material: PC and ABS material, good resistance to heat and toughness, and a silicone sleeve protection