Used Leadshine SMC6480 Motion Controller

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Features :
•Ethernet supports multiple masters and slaves.
•TCP/IP protocol for long-range control
•Pulse output rate up to 5 MHz
•2~4 axes linear interpolation
•2 axes circular interpolation
•Multi-axis continuous interpolation
•Good contouring performance with the advanced path planning software
•Support BASIC programming
•2 D/A and 2 PWM outputs for custom use
•Support touch screen and USB flash disk, easy-to-use
Introduction :
The SMC6480 is a high performance, Ethernet motion controller, which based on a 32-bit RISC CPU and a FPGA. It offers 1 axis  to 4 axes motion control for stepping motors or servo motors to accomplish various operations. The SMC6480 can operate stand-alone or interface to a PC and USB flash disk over Ethernet and USB interface.
In multi-axis operation, the SMC6480 provides linear interpolation by any 2, any 3, or even all-4 axes. Any 2 axes can perform circular interpolation. And the SMC6480 supports the continuous interpolation function. All interpolations are realized by hardware, so faster interpolation speed, better interpolation accuracy and higher stability.
The SMC6480 can work in stand-alone mode, and supports BASIC programming. The user can create and edit program with touch screen or on a PC before downloading the program to the controller over Ethernet or USB flash disk.
The SMC6480 supports master-slave control mode. The user can realize real-time control by using a computer as a master controller. The application software developed with VB/VC/C++ Build/LabView on master computer can control or communicate with the SMC6480 over Ethernet.
Range of applications General :
High-speed high-precision X-Y-Z platform control
PC platform processing center
Precision rotary control
Packaging equipment
With 2-4axis machine control
Semiconductor processing and testing equipment
Other stepper / servo motor control applications
Control the number of axes 1-4 axis
Maximum pulse output frequency of 5MHz
Position pulse setting range of 24
Pulse type of signal output differential signal; single-ended signal
Pulse signal mode pulse / direction; double pulse
Control mode, position control, speed control
Velocity curve trapezoidal, S-shaped
Operating temperature 0 ° C-50 ° C
Storage Temperature -20 ° C-80 ° C
Humidity 5-85% non-condensing
Slot power supply (input) ± 5VDC ± 5%, maximum 900mA
External power supply (input) ± 2-24VDC ± 5%, maximum 500mA
Dimensions 146.5mm (L): 106.5mm
Software Support:
Windows operating system
Support for the Windows 7/XP/2K/NT/98
Recommend using VB / VC + + / CB programming tools
MOTION1000 demo software, helps customers to understand the movement function, hardware detection system