Touchless Liquid Level Sensor

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•Non-contact liquid level sensor is suitable for non-metallic containers without direct contact with the liquid that are not affected by tinder or other contaminants.
Intelligent liquid level benchmark setting and level memory function, liquid level display mode, can achieve multi-point daisy.
The electronic circuit structure instead of machines ensures stable performance, durability and long service life.
•High stability, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference capability ensure that it is not affected by the electromagnet, specially designed for handling mains frequency interference and common mode interference.
Compatible with most 5~24V power supplies.
•The water level indicator can be compatible with a variety of containers made of non-metallic material such as plastic, glass, ceramic etc with an induction distance of 20 mm.
•The level sensor is suitable for all types of detection of curved surfaces, arcs, cylindrical containers or pipelines.
Wide voltage range (5 ~ 24 V), suitable for connecting various circuits and product applications.